Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran


Introduction: Conflict is inevitable in workplaces and it is very important to manage it in a proper way to minimize the problems that might arise. The aim of this research is surveying the relationship between principals’ demographic characteristics and the choice of conflict management styles.Methods: The statistical society included 213 employed principals of Shiraz high schools. The data on conflict management style choices were gathered using the conflict management questionnaire. The t-test, ANOVA and regression were used to analyze the data.Results: The results of this research showed that the compromise style was the most frequently used method by principals followed by collaboration and accommodation, domination and avoidance, respectively. There was a significant association between the principals’ level of income and the use of collaboration and accommodation styles.There was a statistically significant difference between gender and the use of the five fold approach in the domination style. Overall, there was a significantassociation between the principals’ demographic characteristics and theconflict management style choices.Concolusion: The principals should notice that conflict is inevitable inorganizations and they should consider the opinions and ideas of both parties involved in the conflict. So the best approach for conflict management by principals is to pay attention to its outcomes and choose the style which has the most benefit for the involved parties.Keywords: Demographic characteristics, Conflict Management, Principals