Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran


Introduction: The main objective of all organizations is to improve theefficiency and effectiveness of the personnel’s performance and this partly depends on effective management. Managers are valuable assets and studying their behavior and personality dimensions may provide important guide for effectiveness and efficiency improvement. In this connection, the objective of this research is to determine the association between organizational effectiveness and the personnel managers’ position of control in Shiraz University of Medical Sciences.Methods: The present research is a cross-sectional study. The statisticalsocieties of this research included all personnel and personnel managers in Shiraz University of Medical Sciences. 168 subjects of 8 departments were selected through accidental-stratified sampling and the data for the managers of these departments were also collected. Two questionnaires, organizational effectiveness and Ratters’ position of control, were used for data collection.Results: The results of this research showed that there was a significantassociation between organizational effectiveness and managers’ position of control. However, we didn’t find a statistically significant association between organizational effectiveness and managers’ position of control in terms of their sex, managerial experience and education.Conclusion: As managers with internal position of control are more effective than those with external position of control, we can appoint individuals with internal control position to managerial posts. Furthermore, we can train managers to shift their external position of control to the internal one.Keywords: Organizational effectiveness, Dimension of effectiveness, Position of control