Quality improvement in Clinical Education Research Center, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran


Introduction: One of notable initiatives in improving the academic educationis to use the abilities of students to learn together in a new and effective system of peer learning. In this regard, Education Development Center in Shiraz university of Medical Sciences proceed to implementation and study of the curriculum and teaching methods course in the form of peer learning for college students of nutrition science and survey the efficacy of this implementation.Methods: This study was conducted two parts: qualitative and quantitativesurvey. A quasi-experimental, pre test/post-test research was used inquantitative part. In this study, whole groups of undergraduate nutritionstudents in courses of study and learning techniques with the help of teachers held a course and took a part in a competition in 15 major subjects of study and learning methods. The study lasted for two-week sessions and whole of nutrition students were included. We used pair t test for comparison pre test and post test in this study.Results: In the quantitative part of the study, the results showed a significant difference between pre-test (0.0346+0.108) and post-test scores (0.809+0.187) of the students. This means that the level of knowledge of students, who participated in this course, has significant difference before and after the peer learning course (pair t test=1.010, p=0.002). The results of the quality survey of the training course also indicated satisfaction of participants and necessity of teacher’s presence and control during the courses.Conclusions: The results of this study confirm the results of the previousstudies, emphasizing numerous positive effects of peer learning methods inthe academic community. The results also suggest that peer learning is effective in the enhancement of the students’ confidence and learning. Peer learning also helps the students to develop their future responsibilities.Keywords: Learning, Peer learning, Students, Teaching