Document Type: Letter to Editor


Quality Improvement in Clinical Education Research Center, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran


Being one of the most effective tools for educationalsystem improvement, educational Technologyplays an important role in learning facilitation. Inorder to have a deeper, more effective and long lastinglearning impact, this systematic approach designs,implements and evaluates the teaching- learningprocess, using specific purposes, new methods ofpsychology and communication sciences and alsohuman and non-human resources (1).A fruitful and effective educational system whichresults in actual learning improvement cannotbe achieved unless its faculty members becomecompetent. To achieve this goal, not only they mustattain and/or maintain academic qualifications,especially in their teaching area, but also be familiarwith the newest communication and teachingmethods and equipped with educational andprofessional skills.Considering the growing movement of educationtowards the new technologies and the Ministryof Health and Medical Education tendencyfor upgrading the educational technology andvirtual learning, the need for experts in educationtechnology was clear. Therefore, given its missionwhich focuses on scientific promotion and academictraining improvement, in an cooperation with shirazeducational development center along with Centerof Excellence for electronic learning`s staff andfaculty members, Shiraz Educational Technologyunit, established the Master of education technologycourses (2).Education’s technology and E-Learning, havearises a condition in which many educational goals,such as independent learning, self-directed learning,learning regardless of time or place, collaborativelearning and providing immediate feedbacks andassessment of learning, appears more achievable.Electronic medical education has become verypopular in developed countries and is rapidlydeveloping, since it has educational value andthe tremendous broadening audience througheducational programs.Considering the fact that currently, while the facultymembers have to learn most of the new means ofteaching, for most of their students, these new meansof education such as computers and other associatedapplications are not really consider technology sincethey are not only completely familiar with but alsovery capable of utilizing them. Therefore, whilefaculties are trying to learn these new methods oftransferring information, students’ expectationsare getting higher each day, Hence it seems thateducational technology mastery is an importantneglected competency in faculties which mandatesan especial training program for the universities’upgrading and improvement.