1 Quality improvement in clinical education Research Center, Shiraz University of Medical Science, Shiraz, Iran

2 English Language Department, Paramedical School, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran


Introduction: It has been found that the decision-making process in medicine is affected, to a large extent, by one’s experience, individual mentality, previous models, and common habitual approaches, in addition to scientific principles. Evidence-based medicine is an approach attempting to reinforce scientific, systematic and critical thinking in physicians and provide the ground for optimal decision making. In this connection, the purpose of the present study is to find out to what extent the education of evidence based medicine affects clinical decision making.Methods: The present quasi-experimental study was carried out on 110clinical residents, who started their education in September, 2012 and finally 62 residents filled out the questionnaires. The instrument used was a researchermade questionnaire containing items on four decision-making approaches. The questionnaire was used both as a pre-test and a post-test to assess the residents’ viewpoints on decision making approaches. The validity of the questionnaire was determined using medical education and clinical professionals’ viewpoints, and the reliability was calculated through Chronbach alpha; it was found to be 0.93. The results were analyzed by paired t-test using SPSS, version 14.Results: The results demonstrated that evidence-based medicine workshopsignificantly affected the residents’ decision-making approaches (p<0.001).The pre-test showed that principles-based, reference-based and routinemodel-based approaches were more preferred before the program (p<0.001). However, after the implementation of the program, the dominant approaches used by the residents in their decision making were evidence-based ones.Conclusion: To develop the evidence-based approach, it is necessary foreducational programs to continue steadily and goal-orientedly. In addition, the equipment infrastructure such as the Internet, access to data bases, scientific data, and clinical guides should develop more in the medical departments.Keywords: Clinical, Evidence-based medicine, Decision making, Resident