Setting objectives for a competency-based undergraduate obstetrics and gynecology curriculum



Introduction: Little emphasis on standardization, less stringent
outcome measurement and resource constrains can result in
deteriorating competencies among medical graduates in a
country with rapidly increasing number of medical institutions
like India. A competency-based curriculum is where we carefully
design curricular experiences to achieve pre-identified outcomes.
In this study, we aimed to define the outcome objectives of a
competency-based undergraduate Obstetrics and Gynaecology
curriculum which is comprehensive, and is based on the present
day need of our society. These objectives can serve as the basis for
designing a suitable curriculum with aligned teaching learning
and assessment methods.
Methods: This is an observational study in which a Delphi
technique was used to identify the outcome objectives representing
competencies specific to the subject of obstetrics and gynaecology
at graduate level. The six core competencies identified by
Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Council formed the
framework to identify these competencies. Then, a cross-sectional
countrywide survey was conducted among purposively sampled
teachers and clinical experts through a postal questionnaire to
know the relative importance of the identified outcome measures
and need for their inclusion in a contemporary outcome-based

Results: Ninety four medical teachers and clinical experts,
belonging to institutes across the county, with demonstrable
interest and expertise in the field of medical education identified
38 outcome objectives for the curriculum. There were twenty
one “vital”, fourteen “essential”, two “desirable” and one
“optional” outcome objectives identified. There were eighteen
outcome objectives for “patient care” domain, nine for “medical
knowledge”, four for “Practice based learning and improvement”,
three for “professionalism”, two for “system based practice”, and
two for “interpersonal and communication skills”.
Conclusion: The outcome objectives for a competency-based
obstetrics and gynaecology curriculum in an Indian context were

Keywords: Outcome, Objectives, Competency, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Curriculum

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