Educational needs of family physicians in the domains of health and conformity with continuing education in Fasa University of Medical Sciences



of planning. According to the family physician’s idea, evaluating
programs in order to improve them is one of the necessities of
promoting quality and increases the efficiency and effectiveness
of continuing education. This study aimed to determine
family physicians’ educational needs regarding health and its
applicability in continuous medical education in Fasa University
of Medical Sciences.
Methods: In this cross-sectional study, viewpoints of 45 general
physicians working at Fasa University of Medical Sciences in
2013 were studied. Samples were selected through census. Data
collection was done using a researcher-made questionnaire using
10-point Likert scale and a checklist with Delphi technique.
Content validity of the questionnaire and its reliability were
confirmed by the experts’ opinion and Cronbach’s alpha of 80%.
The data were analyzed through SPSS software version 16, using
both descriptive and inferential statistics (mean and standard
deviation, standard score (SQ), t-test, ANOVAs). A significance
level of <0.05 was considered.
Results: The highest educational priority was in the field of
mental health (SQ=0.38), and environmental and professional
health was the lowest priority (SQ=_0.24). Additionally, within
each of the areas above specific priorities were determined. Based
on the results of this study, gender, graduation date, cooperation
time, and university they were educated in did not affect
expressing educational needs (p>0.05). The most educational
conformity with continuing education was in the diseases area
(topic 27%, content 37%). In the areas of environmental and
professional health and health education, compliance was zero.
Conclusions: The physicians stated that mental health was the
first educational need and environmental and professional health
was the last one. According to the results, proper continuing
medical programs should be coordinated with educational needs.

Keywords: Needs assessment; Physicians; Family; Health; Education

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