Shiraz medical students’ perceptions of their colleagues’ professional behavior



Introduction: Today, development of professionalism is a
critical aim of medical schools. Studies have demonstrated that
medical students’ perceived level of professionalism is inadequate
worldwide. This study aimed to investigate the medical students’
perceptions of their colleagues’ professional behavior.
Methods: This study is a cross-sectional study with 280 medical
students at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences in their fifth
to seventh year of study as the sample. The study was performed
during one month in 2013, using stratified random sampling
method. The instrument of the study was the Persian version of
the questionnaire of the American Board of Internal Medicine
(ABIM).The questionnaire includes demographic information,
questions about the meaning of the professionalism, history of
medical ethics education programs and 12 behavioral questions.
The data were analyzed using student t-test and Pearson correlation
test. The significance level was set as 0.05.
Results: Forty percent of respondents did not know the meaning of
professionalism. The mean±SD score of behavioral questions was
5.91±1.2 on a scale from 0 to 10. The mean±SD score of excellence
questions was 4.94±1.7. It was 7.05±1.9 for ‘honor/integrity’, and
6.07±2.1 for ‘altruism/respect’ questions. There was a significant
association between gender and excellence score (p=0.007).
Conclusion: Medical students assessed their colleagues’
professional behavior as poor. They did not have proper
information about professionalism. Medical students are future
general practitioners and respecting medical ethics by them is very
important in a perfect health system. Universities should emphasize
the importance of teaching professionalism to medical students
and faculty members, using innovative education methods.

Keywords: Professionalism; Excellence; Respect; Medical students

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