Research priorities in medical education at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences: categories and subcategories in the Iranian context



Introduction: Research in education is a globally significant issue
without a long history. Due to the importance of the issue in Health
System Development programs, this study intended to determine
research priorities in medical education, considering their details
and functions. By determining barriers existing in research in
education progress, it is tried to make research priorities more
functional by recommending acceptable strategies.
Methods: This is a qualitative-descriptive study in two descriptive
phases. The goal of these phases was to determine research
priorities subcategories in medical education by Nominal Group
Technique (NGT) and two rounds of Delphi method. Through the
first phase, subcategories of research priorities were determined,
using Nominal Group Technique under medical education experts’
supervision. Through two rounds of Delphi, a questionnaire was
constructed based on the subcategories. Eventually, research
priorities were determined based on their highest score (scores
more than 7 out of 10).
Results: In the first phase (NGT), 35 priorities in 5 major fields
of medical education were presented. In the second phase,
priorities were scored, using Delphi method. Medical Ethics
and professionalism gained the highest scores (7.63±1.26) and
educational evaluation the lowest (7.28±1.52). In this stage, 7
items were omitted but 2 of them were added again after experts’
revision in the third round of Delphi.
Conclusion: According to the results of the present study and
based on previous studies, it really seems that the fields of
“Learning and Teaching Approaches” and “Medical Ethics and
Professionalism” were more important. Because of financial and
resource limitations in our country and the importance of research
priorities, it is recommended to frequently study “research
priorities determination program” at universities.

Keywords: Research priorities; Medical education; Delphi method

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