Social accountable medical education: a concept analysis



Introduction: Considering the pervasiveness of social accountable
medical education concept around the world and the growing
trend of literature in this regard as well as various interpretations
made about this concept, we found it necessary to analyze the
concept of social accountable medical education.
Methods: In this study, the modified version of McKenna’s approach
to concept analysis was used to determine the concept, explain
structures and substructures and determine the border concepts
neighboring and against social accountability in medical education.
Results: By studying the selected sources, the components of
the concept were obtained to identify it and express an analytic
definition of social accountability in medical education system.
Then, a model case with all attributes of the given concept and the
contrary and related concepts were mentioned to determine the
boundary between the main concept and auxiliary ones.
Conclusion: According to the results of this study in the field
of social accountability, the detailed and transparent analytical
definition of social accountable medical education can be used in
future studies as well as the function and evaluation of medical
education system.

Keywords: Social accountability; Social responsibility; Social obligation; Medical education

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