Balancing power: A grounded theory study on partnership of academic service institutes



Introduction: Governments and professional organizations
have called for new partnerships between health care providers
and academics to improve clinical education for the benefit of
both students and patients. To develop a substantive grounded
theory on the process of forming academic-service partnerships
in implementing clinical education, from the perspective of
academic and clinical nursing staff members and managers
working in Iranian settings.
Methods: The participants included 15 hospital nurses, nurse
managers, nurse educators, and educational managers from two
central universities and clinical settings from 2009 to 2012. Data
were collected through 30 in-depth, semi-structure interviews
with the individual participants and then analyzed using the
methodology of Strauss and Corbin’s grounded theory.
Results: Utilizing “balancing power” as the core variable
enabled us to integrate the concepts concerning the partnership
processes between clinical and educational institutes. Three
distinct and significant categories emerged to explain the process
of partnership: 1) divergence, 2) conflict between educational and
caring functions, and 3) creation of balance between educational
and caring functions.
Conclusions: In implementing clinical education, partnerships have
been formed within a challenging context in Iran. Conflict between
clinical and educational functions was the main concern of both
sides of the partnership in forming a collaborative relationship, with
our findings emphasizing the importance of nursing educators’ role
in the establishment of partnership programs.

Keywords: Education; Nursing student, Power; Partnership practice

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