A study on capabilities required in military medicine to develop modular training courses: a qualitative study



Introduction: The main mission of military medicine in the world
is to support the health and treatment of the military in relation
to issues, risks, injuries and diseases that arise due to the specific
occupational conditions. The current study was carried out with
the aim of determining the required skills of military physicians
to define and determine the required training modules.
Methods: The study was a qualitative research. Semi-structured
interviews were used to collect the data and qualitative content
analysis was used to analyze the data. The study population
included all the professors and experts in the field of military
medicine and medical sciences at the medical universities of
Tehran. Snowball sampling technique was used to sample the
study participants.
Results: Based on the results, the required skills of military
physicians in 5 categories and 29 sub- categories were identified;
then based on the identified skills, 60 training modules at two
introductory and advanced levels were determined including 39
introductory levels and 21 advanced levels.
Conclusion: We can conclude that some of the important skills
that military physicians need and can achieved through training
have not been provided in any educational program and to achieve
such skills and capabilities, other programs should be developed
and modular training can be one of them

Keywords: Medical education; Military medicine; Qualitative research

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