1 Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran

2 Educational Administration, Center for Studies and Development of Medical Education, Shiraz, Iran

3 Educational technology Department, Allameh Tabatabaee University, Tehran, Iran

4 Islamic Azad University, Shiraz, Iran


Introduction: The human resources are considered the main asset of anysociety. If used properly and effectively, it will create other sources and above all the added value. The quality of the life is usually dependent on the quality of human professional life including factors such as job security, services and welfare pensions, health services, income, and job quality. The purpose of this study was to investigate the role and priority of the above-mentioned factors on efficacy of the staff members of the Fars Office of Education.Methods: The research sample comprised the staff members of the Fars Office of Education across the state, including 61 districts. Based on the Cochran Formula, 25 districts were randomly selected. In order to measure the factors, the Likert-type instrument designed by Hossainpoor to compare the Ideal and current situation, was used.Results: The staff rated job security as the most important factor affecting their efficacy in both current and ideal situations followed by income.Discussion: Based on the previous research and review of literature, success of the educational organizations is fully dependent on their personnel. If executives of such organizations try to attract the qualified personnel and keep them motivated, their success will be guaranteed.Keywords: Human Resource, Effective factors, Efficiency