Article publication charges:

From March 16, 2023, manuscripts submitted to JAMP for review and possible publication will be processed only when the following conditions are met:


International Contributors

  Submission Fee

    50  US Dollars

  Acceptance Fee

   150  US Dollars

Iranian Contributors

  Submission Fee

   3,000,000  Rls

  Acceptance Fee based on the Article Type

     Original Article

     Review Article

   30,000,000  Rls

     Brief Report


   15,000,000  Rls

     Letter to the Editor

   10,000,000  Rls


The fee for Iranian Authors should be deposited in the account number 4781964946 with Identity Code 6104337997820921 at Bank Mellat.

Please make sure that a copy of your payment receipt is attached to your submission as an image file (either email it or upload it on to the journal site).

It should be noted that all deposits are non-refundable and a paper may be rejected by the Editors without being sent for review. Furthermore, the article submission fee and acceptance fee are used to support journal related activities and cover editorial service and production of an article.