1 School of Health, Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences, Kermanshah, Iran

2 School of Paramedical Sciences, Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences, Kermanshah, Iran

3 School of Health, Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences, Sanandaj, Iran

4 Department of Educational Science and Psychology, Isfahan University, Isfahan, Iran


Introduction: studies have indicated that emotional intelligenceis positively related to self-efficacy and can predict the academicachievement. The present study aimed to investigate the role ofemotional intelligence in identifying self-efficacy among thestudents of Public Health School with different levels of academicachievement.Methods: This correlational study was conducted on all thestudents of Public Health School. 129 students were includedin the study through census method. Data were collected usingEmotional Intelligence and self-efficacy questionnaires andanalyzed using descriptive statistics and regression analysis bySPSS 14.Results: The average score of students with high academicachievement was higher in self-efficacy (39.78±5.82) and emotionalintelligence (117.07±10.33) variables and their components thanthat of students with low academic achievement (39.17±5.91,112.07±13.23). The overall emotional intelligence score to predictself-efficacy explanation was different among students withdifferent levels of academic achievement (p<0.001). Self-efficacystructure was explained through self-awareness and self-motivationcomponents in students with low academic achievement (r=0.571).In students with high academic achievement, self-awareness, selfmotivationand social consciousness played an effective role inexplaining self-efficacy (r=0.677, p<0.001).Conclusion: Emotional intelligence and self-efficacy playan important role in achieving academic success andemotional intelligence can explain self-efficacy. Therefore, it isrecommended to teach emotional intelligence skills to studentswith low academic achievement through training workshops.Keywords: Emotional intelligences; Self efficacy; Achievement