1 Psychology and Educational Sciences School, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran

2 Department of English, Management and Information School, Isfahan University of Medical Science, Isfahan, Iran

3 Quality Improvement in Clinical Education Research Center, Education Development Center, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran


Introduction: Teaching is one of the main components in educationalplanning which is a key factor in conducting educational plans. Despitethe importance of good teaching, the outcomes are far from ideal. Thepresent qualitative study aimed to investigate effective teaching in highereducation in Iran based on the experiences of best professors in thecountry and the best local professors of Isfahan University of Technology.Methods: This qualitative content analysis study was conductedthrough purposeful sampling. Semi-structured interviews wereconducted with ten faculty members (3 of them from the bestprofessors in the country and 7 from the best local professors).Content analysis was performed by MAXQDA software. The codes,categories and themes were explored through an inductive processthat began from semantic units or direct quotations to general themes.Results: According to the results of this study, the best teachingapproach is the mixed method (student-centered together withteacher-centered) plus educational planning and previous readiness.But whenever the teachers can teach using this method confront withsome barriers and requirements; some of these requirements areprerequisite in professors’ behavior and some of these are prerequisitein professors’ outlook. Also, there are some major barriers, some ofwhich are associated with the professors’ operation and others arerelated to laws and regulations. Implications of these findings forteachers’ preparation in education are discussed.Conclusion: In the present study, it was illustrated that a goodteaching method helps the students to question their preconceptions,and motivates them to learn, by putting them in a situation in whichthey come to see themselves as the authors of answers, as the agentsof responsibility for change. But training through this method hassome barriers and requirements. To have an effective teaching; thefaculty members of the universities should be awarded of thesebarriers and requirements as a way to improve teaching quality.The nationally and locally recognized professors are good leaders inproviding ideas, insight, and the best strategies to educators who arepassionate for effective teaching in the higher education. Finally, itis supposed that there is an important role for nationally and locallyrecognized professors in higher education to become more involvedin the regulation of teaching rules.Keywords: Teaching; Higher education; Requirements; Barriers; Qualitative research